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Why go freegan?

Abby Young-Powell

Why voluntarily get your food from a bin, I hear you ask, when you have the means, the money and the privilege to buy reasonably priced groceries from your local supermarket?

Well, for many reasons.

Here are some that Come Scavenge with Me could think of:

1. Help to protect the environment

One third of the world’s food is wasted, ending up in our already overcrowded landfill sites. Much of this discarded produce will rot, producing methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide. Freegans play a part in reducing rubbish, helping to protect the environment and prevent global warming.

2. Save Money

In the last five years we have felt the impact of a global recession and of economic stagnation. As a young person in London, I never seem to have any money. Having a go at bin diving or urban foraging can save you cash in an ethical and fun way; why buy food when you can get it, in equally good condition, for free?

3. Anti-materialism

Research has proven that we are happier when we get rid of the clutter from our lives. Some people freegan as a means of rejecting, or protesting against, capitalism and consumerist culture. By bin-diving and urban foraging you can get back to basics and enjoy a simple, natural life, free from the trappings of an increasingly commercial society.

4. Community

Freegans are part of a subversive, friendly and politically-motivated community, with freegan websites, meet ups and organisations enabling people to get involved. Being part of an alternative community, with people who share your world-view and philosophy, is an exciting and liberating feeling.

5. Share

Groups like Food not Bombs collect provisions that have been thrown out, cook them and serve them as meals in public places. Anyone can cook if they want to and the food is offered to everyone. By sharing food the organisation feeds the poverty-stricken, the homeless and the starving. Volunteers are always welcome.

6. Fresh and Tasty

Many foods can be scavenged from around the countryside, such as wild mushrooms, garlic and strawberries. Not only is obtaining food in this way good for the environment, good for your health and tasty, it is also FREE. Foods like samphire are a delicacy, with fishmongers and farmer’s markets charging good money for its purchase. Scavenge for it and you wont have to part with a penny.

7. Fun

Going out with your friends to find your own food, whether urban bin diving or collecting wild fruit and vegetables in the country, can be rewarding and satisfying. Much more so than filling the pockets of your favourite supermarket. After a successful scavenging mission you have achieved something and that is a reason to be proud.

More and more people are realising the opportunities that exist in the freegan world.

Come Scavenge with Me aims to provide a useful, entertaining and informative space for freegans and those interested in freegan issues; so please, get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions…

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