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Feeding the 5,000 at Trafalgar Square – in pictures

Tasty curry, wonky carrots and sleeping pigs: Here are a few photos from Feeding the 5,000, which took place on Friday in London’s Trafalgar Square. Organised by expert freegan Tristram Stuart, along with Fareshare, FoodCycle,  Love Food Hate Waste and Friends of the Earth, Feeding the 5,000 encourages households and business to reduce food waste by treating people to a free lunch using food that would otherwise have been wasted, such as cosmetically imperfect fresh fruit and vegetables supplied by farmers who sell their goods to supermarkets.

“The supermarkets have strict cosmetic standards, so if a carrot is too long or slightly bent, it either goes in the bin or is left out in the field and simply ploughed back into the ground,” Stuart says. “Today, that’s not happened and all that food is here to be eaten.” Abi, pictured above, enjoyed the curry: “Although it could have done with a bit more seasoning.”

Friends of the Earth brought these pigs along to ensure absolutely no food was wasted. They ate the ingredients that were not fit for human consumption.

Freshly pressed apple juice
Fruit and veg make eyecatching accessories
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