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Racoon dinner (not for the faint of heart)

 Yep, you heard right. Racoons can be a tasty dinner and a lot of foragers chose to eat them. What’s more the furry creatures are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with sightings in Durham and Hampshire last year. So, how do you cook and eat a racoon?

 Tip number 1 Remove the scent glands from under the front legs before eating

Tip number 2 Racoon is best eaten in the winter months. Cut the jugular vein and hang any you find by the tail immediately after you have killed them.

Tip number 3 If you have found your racoon, not killed it, and don’t know how long it has been lying dead for add spices to mask a gamey taste it might have.

Tip number 4 Remove as much fat as possible from the carcass.

Tip number 5 Submerge the possum in two gallons of water, five tablespoons of baking soda and ½ a cup of salt. Refrigerate overnight.

Tip number 6 If you are going to freeze the racoon put it in a plastic container filled with water, with a tightly sealed lid.

Tip number 7 Racoons will feed about five adults, four if they are REALLY hungry.

 FROM FROZEN- Meat should be thawed, then brined and soaked overnight. To cook parboil it for two hours then slow roast or barbecue to perfection.


Some Racoon recipes

You will need…

1 racoon

2 medium onions

Teaspoon of oregano

Dressing recipe:

1 loaf of bread

¾ cup of chopped onion

Poultry seasoning

Broth from boiled coon

Sage, salt and pepper

Remove the meat from the cold salt water and put it in a pot, cover it with fresh water. Now add two medium onions (chopped) and the oregano. Boil the meat until it is tender.

Put the racoon meat in a roasting pan and cover it with the dressing (see recipe above). Use broth from the boiling to wet down the dressing and bake until it is done.


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