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An epicurean activist

If you didn’t make it to Feeding the 5,000, don’t despair. Lovely chef Tom Hunt has posted lots of great recipes for dishes he made on the day here. Tom says he learned how exciting seasonal produce can be while working with chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall at River Cottage. These recipes show that leftover ingredients can make delicious, sophisticated meals. Find out what his seven ways to use a loaf are, make apples and pears that are a bit past their best into a Tarte Tatin, or use up stale bread and vegetables into a robust Italian Ribollita soup.

Tom has recently opened Poco in Bristol, a restaurant inspired by what he calls “a tapas vibe” and a drive to waste as little food as possible. Surplus ingredients are made into tasty dishes and given out free with drinks, just like at Spanish tapas bars. Last week a slow roasted pork belly with fennel and lemon juice was on the menu and the leftover meat was made into a stew with white beans and celery which was given out for free.

Where possible, Tom doesn’t peel vegetables, as their skin is very nutritious, and he composts everything. Parsnips sometimes need to be peeled but the skin makes delicious crisps.
Tom also runs Forgotten Feast restaurants, which use “ugly, unwanted and unloved” ingredients. You can find out more about them here.

Tom started skipping while he was a student in Falmouth and still does, saying, “you never know what you’ll get”. One of his best finds was a box of avocados that he came across whilst exploring London’s Covent Garden.

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