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Three hungry boys – floppy haired and patronising, or inspiring, resourceful freegans?

Channel 4 bills its new foodie series, Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys, as ‘three mates travel through Devon and Cornwall for five weeks without money, on the adventure of a lifetime’.

The three chiselled, photogenic “boys”, in inverted commas because they are nearer thirty than puberty, are given an electric milk float which they call Daisy, and have to think up ways to find food. They have an iPad, which taskmaster Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall pops up on from time to time to give them tips.

Last week, they tried to stew some snails but forgot to purge them, leaving them unsatisfied with the resulting greenish goo. For tips on eating snails from your garden, have a look at this blog post.

Photo courtesy of Keo Films, Creative Commons

Liz Jones in The Daily Mail did not think much of this programme, not just because she doesn’t like the idea of eating snails:

“I hate these macho, self-congratulatory programmes that mainly involve murdering poor unsuspecting creatures such as rabbits and crabs while the camera pans lovingly across naked male torsos….There was even a scene where all the boys got soaking wet, and yet it is always poor old Nigella who is accused of turning food into porn.”

She saw the programme as posh, floppy haired boys with a built in sense of entitlement lording it over locals and giving a false impression of being in the countryside, “a place where many locals really cannot afford to buy food.”

What do you think? Is it good to bring freeganism to a wider audience, or does this programme create a false, and perhaps damaging, impression? Let us know on twitter @ComeScavenge, or email

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