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Brixton people’s kitchen

One use for waste food is to share it with strangers.

Inspired by the People’s Kitchen in Dalston, Brixton People’s kitchen collects surplus from local shops and markets, invites local people to cook together, and welcomes everyone to enjoy a delicious meal with each other.

This weekend, they are inviting everyone to Myatts Fields Park (Cormont Road, SE5 9RA) for lunch, from 12pm – 5pm. A warming stew is on the menu. And it’s free to those who donate or help out.

They are also calling for volunteers to:

Brixton People’s Kitchen would like surplus food from local houses, gardens, parks and businesses. Any fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs, dried and canned foods, pulses and grains that you might have available. That tree has given you more apples than you can make pies, bring them down. Those tins at the back of the cupboard that you don’t know what to do with, bring them down!

If you can chop, pick, stir, peel, wash, grate, serve, or smile, you’re in!

3. EAT
Join the communal table and make new friends. Food will be served up on a donations basis. Put what you can or will into the pot. If you have donated food, feel free to eat for free!

For more information email: or check out their Facebook page.

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