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Incredible edible – growing local food and giving it out for free

Picture of plant swap courtesy of Incredible edible

Incredible edible has just been listed as on of Britain’s top 50 new radicals by The Observer newspaper.

Businesswoman and former council leader Pam Warhurst, of Todmorden, Yorkshire, had the idea for Incredible edible in 2008, when the economy was beginning to get into trouble and fears of climate change was rising.

All over town, she saw green areas of public land going to waste, while people were forking out for food from overseas. Pam decided to put these public spaces to good use and grow food in them. The organisation refers to these places as “propaganda gardens”

Pam’s idea has inspired similar schemes in 30 other towns across the UK and even in New Zealand.

The idea wasn’t an immediate success. People were frightened they were trespassing on private land. But now there are 273 people on Incredible edible’s list of helpers willing to “muck-in”.

Local food shops have also got involved. Nearly 50% of them said Incredible Edible has had a positive impact on their income by reminding people of the joys of produce grown close to home.

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