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Part 2 of the epic trilogy and Thomas is one hungry boy…

Muhammad serves Thomas kidney bean soup

The next evening I go on the hunt for something a little more filling than the scrambled eggs on toast I had for lunch. I find it with the group that must be the most effective freegans in London today: the Occupy London camp. Food pours in daily from business and personal donators allowing food to be handed out on demand to anybody.

Head chef Muhammad Hossain swapped the kitchens of gastro pubs and Indian restaurants for the camp’s tent kitchen in November and churns out numerous meals a day.

I arrive just before 7pm and, after declining my offer of help (something about “too many chefs” and a “spoilt broth”), Muhammad hands me a deep red kidney bean soup. I must have arrived late because it is a touch on the cold side, but never one to complain about free food, I gratefully mop it up with some not quite oven fresh but still perfectly adequate bread.

Here it seems beggars can be choosers. Barely have I finished when my second course arrives – lentil broth and rice fresh off the stove. There is even a chocolate sponge cake for desert delivered by a member of the public and it is washed down with a cup of tea.

Camp resident Annie Taylor said she has been touched by the support of businesses and the public: “The food is nutritious and delicious. I had my favourite Christmas ever here when we had a traditional Christmas dinner with turkeys and hams donated.

“I feel more loved in this community than I ever did living in my middle class area in Ealing.” My stomach can’t help but agree.

The week is looking up…

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