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Brixton People’s Kitchen February

There is an exciting project in Brixton. It’s aims? To bring strangers together to enjoy free food while minimising food waste.

The Brixton People’s Kitchen is, as the name suggests, a place where volunteers gather to cook surplus food collected from local shops and markets.

It was launched in December – inspired by the People’s Kitchen in Dalston – and anyone can join. You can either donate food, cook or just turn up to enjoy the tasty grub.

The most recent event was in February, but don’t worry if you missed it, as there is another feast next month. Organisers described it as a success, with around 15 cooks and 20 bellies fed. Although, they said: “The previous times, we had around 40 guests, so I guess the weather had something to do with lower numbers this time!”

Food on offer ranged from macaronis, baked potatoes, roasted tomatoes, kale quiche, spicy carrot soup, bread pudding, cooked applies and banana flapjacks (mmm).

Suppliers for the event include As Nature Intended, in Balham, Italo, on Bonnington Square, and Malinka Deli in Oval. The project is also supported by the Cooperative supermarket on New Camberwell Road who give a budget shop to the Kitchen for basics like butter, flour and eggs.

Sometimes people even donate food from their home! The People’s Kithen is also supported by Best Before Project, a charity redistributing surplus goods, and donations have been received from Nudo Italia.

Enjoy some pictures below – And keep posted for details of the next event

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