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There are some fantastic holiday spots for picking wild fruits and edible flowers, or even catching yourself some tasty seafood. Here is a selection of some of the best ones worth checking out this summer – especially if you are planning a staycation in the UK.

1. Stay Head Banks, North Yorkshire

This luscious land is known to grow crab apples, great for making some delicious juice. There is also blackthorn here, a shrub with dark and spiny branches. Its fruit is too astringent to eat out right but you can add it to spirits to make sloe gin.  Another great grab here is some wild garlic, you can tell it from its oniony smell (you can eat both the leaves and the flower).

2. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Fishing is popular in this forest and you can catch yourself some dinner quite easily. The river and lake homes brown trout – the perfect family meal. Be warned though there are wild boar here (aggressive and potentially dangerous) keep well clear. If you don’t fancy the hard work of catching your tea then you can always go foraging by day and relax in one of the many hotels in the area during the evening.

3. Sicily, Italy

If you want to fly away from England then Sicily is the perfect place to sample some locally sourced food. It is known for its wild asparagus, a great place to find this is a valley beyond Ragusa Ibla. The vegetables grow waist high although they can be hard to find but once you do you are in for a treat. Snap off the ends, wash them and bake in a dish with olive oil for a truly Sicilian experience.

4. Wester-Ross and Sutherland, Scotland

Scotland is known for its abundance of flora and fauna so you will have an eventful trip away in the Highlands if you opt for a foraging holiday here. A week away could involve a trip to the famous Handa Island reserve to see nesting birds and a visit to the local area to identify wild plants and identify foragable food. Some packages for foraging holidays include a stay on a farm, where fish and seafood comes straight from the ocean.

5. West Cornwall

A company called The Fat Hen run very well respected weekend breaks that involve a lot of food. The ultimate experience is a gourmet weekend, you learn to cook, and savour delights of feasting on the freshest food. The package includes foraging with expert foodies and gathering seasonal produce including flowers, herbs, salads and vegetables. As well as fungi or berries – where do I sign up?

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