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‘Appy days…Foraging finds a new platform

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Foraging is officially at one with modern technology as an app has been launched to “inform and inspire” those who want to find out more.

It is called the Foragers Apprentice, released by chef David Beazley who works at the Ashburton Cookery school in Devon. It comes at a grand total of £1.99 – which works out cheaper than an extensive course.

The app is aimed at all kinds of foragers; the company themselves say “there is something for everyone” and it gives hints and tips on where to find the best grub, as well as offerings 25 recipes to eager readers. And these are good recipes too, stuff you would be keen to give a try. For example, blackberry ice cream, crab cakes and wild watercress soup.

There are a range of features on offer too, including a section that shows you what season to look for certain things and if there are any foraging hot-spots nearby. Finally, someone has mapped the best places to find wild food!

Those who are obsessed with all things culinary should download this app, you will be playing with it for hours.  Check out the website and a free demo here:

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