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Foraging courses and foodie festivals MAPPED

Don’t rest on your laurels this summer get foraging…and learn the tricks of the trade from the people with the know-how.

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There are a vast amount of courses out there for beginner foragers who want to get their hands dirty. Let Come Scavenge guide you through what the UK has to offer  –  with an interactive map to help you pick out the best spots.

Scotland is known for its beautiful landscape and there are plenty of places here to find edible plants and forage your way through The Highlands. On May 27 Paula and Robin Harford will host a day of food gathering around Edinburgh, you can prepare a wild food lunch afterwards at the Wedgwood Restaurant.

Another popular choice The Food Safari an exciting day of foraging for city-dwellers. You will learn about all free food around you in London with expert Nick Saltmarsh giving talks and a cookery workshop to end a perfect day of culinary goodness.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy and you want a more adventurous experience then take a walk on the wild side through Galloway’s mountainous scene. Book through Galloway Wild Foods for a once in a lifetime course that takes you on a seven hour walk enjoying the foods that grow outdoors along the way. This one isn’t suitable for children and booking is ESSENTIAL. 

Last but by no means least the River Cottage courses are a great way to spend a weekend away.  The Seashore foraging course is particularly worthwhile. You join John Wright, foraging expert for a stroll along the beautiful coastline of the South West. Depending on the time of year you can find shellfish, swimming crabs and edible seaweeds. Then learn how to cook these up with the perfect seasoning.

The great thing about going with people who know what they are doing is you can ask lots of questions…


View Map of foraging courses and festivals across the U in a full screen map

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