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Hoxton restaurant aims to make doggy bag diners’ new best friend

A Hoxton restaurant is taking part in a nationwide campaign to revive the unfashionable doggy bag. The Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) “Too Good To Waste” campaign aims to reduce the 600,000 tonnes of food thrown out by restaurants each year by 20%.

The Hoxton Apprentice is doing it’s part in the economic down turn by encouraging diners to take their left overs home with them. The doggy bag targets the estimated six tonnes of food discarded by each restaurant every year from diners’ plates.

Doggy bags are commonplace in the United States but have failed to be a hit in the more reserved British society. “Our research shows one quarter of diners are too embarrassed to ask for a doggy bag, whilst a further 24% didn’t think restaurants were aloud to let the customers take their surplus food home,” said the SRA’s Tom Tarnner.

Hoxton Apprentice’s managing director, John Cruze said: “We are always looking for ways to reduce our food waste and carbon footprint. This is one conscious effort to do that.

The Hoxton Apprentice can expect to save between £2000-£4000 a year and the chefs of the Hoxton Square restaurant, who offers unemployed people apprenticeships, certainly approves of the initiative. “They would rather see their food taken home than thrown out,” said Mr Cruze.

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