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Top three books to inspire you

Saving money is tough. That money hoarded back through a frugal lifestyle is often spent on time searching out the planet’s finest ingredients and preparing them to perfection.

Shopping a bit further than your local supermarket can become tiresome the temptation to revert back consumerism is great.

But we are on hand to provide a little inspiration through those dark times. Or rather, some very fabulous writers are. Here are three books to inspire you to keep your hands out of your pockets and in the dirt of the cabbage patch.

  1. Eco and Lavender: The Eco Guide to Better Housekeeping by Billie Sharp. The book covers a vast array of subjects, from environmental cleaning advice, to health recommendations. We particularly recommend chapter 5, Grow It: Get It on My Land for some allotment tips in your own back garden.
  2. Free: Adventures on the Margins of a Wasteful Society by Katherine Hibbert. Hibbert enters into the world of squatters to find they are not everything the media has portrayed them as. You may be surprised by this part diary, part guide, which Hibbert has backed up with plenty of insightful statistics.
  3. American Wasteland by Jonathon Bloom. As austerity bites, Bloom examines the relationship society (and no society more than America) has had with waste through the ages, whilst exploring eco-friendly and sustainable food movements in the US.

All are available from Amazon and will cost you less than £10 –  a shrewd investment by our money.

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