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What Do Pret Say?

Pret A Manger has recently celebrated record profits of £52.4 million (up 14%), leading to the creation of 550 new jobs across 44 new stores around the world, 24 of which will be in the UK, reported the Guardian.

A large part of the brands success has been the preverbal ethical stamp it blazes across its products. In time poor city environments people like to think they can do their bit for society whilst grabbing their lunch to go.

However, the Daily Mail last year sensationally claimed the store’s slogans of fresh, natural ingredients are false, whilst the store’s low employment rate of British citizens led to an Evening Standard investigation into Pret’s hiring policy.

So let’s take a look into what Pret say…

A sustainable supply chain: Pret clock up absolutely zero air miles, choosing to transport ingredients around the globe by sea instead.

Chemicals, additives and preservatives “shunned”: Pret claim to religiously stick to their natural and fresh foods, but the Daily Mail revealed sandwiches can contain as much salt as 10 packets of crisps.

Three badge coffee: Pret use coffee that is fair trade, organic and approved by the Rainforest Alliance

Animal Welfare: Meat and poultry is sourced from the UK wherever possible and is free range. Fish is sourced in the Maldives and Ghana through the sustainable pole and line method.

Energy and water: Pret are constantly trying to reduce energy and water outputs and hope to decrease both of these by 10% between 2009 and the end of 2012. We shall see if they succeed…

Charity: Pret have donated 2.4 million meals to homeless charities each year, meaning a 250 tonne reduction in food waste.

Packaging: In 2009, plastic bag wastage was reduced by 28% and they have replaced plastic packaging with bio-degradable cardboard boxes where ever possible.

Pret is good, but I bet your garden is better.

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