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Become a Capital Growth Volunteer

We know how scary your first steps into scavenging, freeganism and sustainable living can be – better than most, believe me! Undoing a lifetime of habit and convenience by popping down to your local supermarket is far from easy (we expect this has something to do with why they make billions).

But help is at hand, and who better to guide you into this intimidating but rewarding new lifestyle than London’s newly elected major, Boris?

It is a capital year in London, and not just for the Jubilee celebrations and some little known sporting event, but also for the Capital Growth initiative, which aims to create 2,012 new community growing spaces by the end of the year.

We can’t think of any better way to spend those extra days off courtesy of Her Majesty than to get a little helping hand when starting out in the home-grown grub department and give back to charity at the same time.

Whether you’re a freegan first or a long time lover of the vegetable patch, Capital Growth is looking for volunteers to share experiences and inspiration with like-minded people.

The initiative will train you up and offer you free membership to London Food Link and in return you are asked to visit five Capital Growth projects and submit a short online report of each visit.

So there can be no excuses now, don’t delay!

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