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Stinging Nettle Eating Pros Wanted

Stinging nettles are a pet hate for many. It conjures up images of tears, scratching, phlegm covered dock leaves and somehow my football always managed to find its way into the centre of a large stinging nettle patch.

So eating them is the last thing I would want to do with the pesty green leaves. But nettle eating is a great tradition down in Dorset, so much so that there is an annual competition to find out who is the Great Stinging Nettle Eating champion.

On the 30th June, in the idyllic little town of Chideok, the annual Great Stinging Nettle Eating Competition will take place. The task is simple: eat as many feet of stinging nettle stalks as possible within an hour and up for grabs is £100 prize money and the coveted trophy.

The rules aren’t too much harder. Competitors are not permitted to bring their own stinging nettles, go to the bathroom within the competition hour or consume any mouth numbing substances. But you will be relieved to know that swigs of beer is (I dare say encouraged).

Entrance to this unique competition is £5 and you can sign up here.

There is of course an after party – aptly named “The Sting in the Tale” and camping is available. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be the event of the summer.

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